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About Mitzi



Massage / Lymphatic therapist

Lymphatic Flow

Transform Thinking

My Story


I am a Jesus girl, an outdoor junkie, and love being healthy, fit, and free!

Raised by parents who were raised by the silent generation I can’t remember one conversation with my parents about values regarding anything! I have been blessed to have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. We not only talk about life but can find humor in it as well. I believe I am meant to help people to talk about the “tough stuff” in their lives. The purpose in doing so allows you to apply the Living Word of God to what’s been hidden for years and perhaps even centuries and know that you are loved and valued in spite of what was out of your control AND the choices you made that came with painful consequences.

I am a massage & lymphatic therapist, I teach people how to use essential oils to stay healthy, and I am soon to be certified to teach Holy Yoga, specializing in trauma therapy. There’s GREAT hope for you as there was for me dear ones....His name is Jesus!

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